Flashings / Trims

Plain Ridge Cap

Ridge cap is a flashing which covers the ridge line of any ‘A’ type building. The intersection of adjacent sloping roof along the length of the building is termed as Ridge Line. It is made from plain sheet to the required shape and Colour. The maximum length is 3.5 meters. It is used for trapezoidal, tile and corrugation profiles.


Profile Ridge Cap

This is designed for HI-RIB and FLEXI trapezoidal profiles. It is made respective trapezoidal profile and crimped to required roof slope. The maximum length (effective) is 1 meter. Fixing of ridge cap is very easy and it gives complete sealing of ridge line.


Barge Cap

This flashing is used to cover the intersection of roof and gable cladding sheets. It is designed for trapezoidal profile sheets for 3.5 meters maximum length


Corner Trim

Corner Trim covers the intersection of wall cladding sheets at all corners. It is designed for trapezoidal profile sheets having maximum length as 3.5 meters.


L - Flashing

It is a versatile flashing suitable for all the roofing profiles. It can be used as ridge cap or corner trims or barge cap. It is simple and easy to use. The maximum length is 3.5 meters to customized widths.


Apron Flashing / Drip Trim

It deflects the water away and generally comes at the bottom of wall cladding sheets. The maximum length is 3.5 meters.