Sudarshana Polycarbonate Products

Sudarshana Polycarbonate Profile Sheets

Polycarbonate (PC) is a tough, dimensionally stable, UV protected, transparent thermoplastic material. We corrugate PC to exactly match our Sudarshana FLEXI and HI-RIB trapezoidal profiles as wall and roof skylight panels to customized lengths of up to 3.3 meters.


  • UV protected on both the sides
  • Available in 1.5 & 2.0 mm thicknesses
  • Surface Texture –Embossed & Plain
  • Available inClear &Various Colors(Optional)
  • Sudarshana FLEXI Profile, YX 30-200-1000
  • Sudarshana HI-RIB Profile, YX 32-250-1000
  • Suitable for all steel buildings as SKYLIGHTS, GREEN ROOF, Botanical Gardens


Sudarshana Polycarbonate Louver Window

Louver blades are made using polycarbonate material to provide both diffusion of natural LIGHT and circulation of AIR to the building. All the louver blades are assembled to either pre-painted galvalume/galvanized steel or bare-galvalume steel frame.


  • Provides both Natural LIGHT & AIR Ventilation
  • UV protection on both the sides
  • Available in different thicknesses and colors
  • Built to Custom sizes


Sudarshana Polycarbonate Ridge Cap

Polycarbonate ridge cap is a flashing which covers and yet allows penetration of SUNLIGHT along the ridge line. A gap of between 4 to 8 inches needs to be maintainedon the intersection of roof sheets along the ridge line to allow sufficient LIGHT to fall inside the building.


  • Acts as SKYLIGHT panel
  • Suitable for Sudarshana FLEXI, HI-RIB, TILE & CORRUGATION profiles
  • Notched ridges available for FLEXI and HI-RIB profile sheets
  • Maximum length of 3 meters