Material Specification

Raw Material

Our products are made from colour Coated Galvanized and Galvalume steel. It is also defined as
PPGI - Pre Painted Galvanized Steel
PPGL- Pre Pained Galvalume Steel
NCGL- Non-colour Galvalume Steel or Bare Galvalume Steel
The base metal used for these material is cold rolled (CR) steel over which metallic and organic coatings are given to protect the base metal from corrosion, give an aesthetic appearance and long durable life under extreme weather conditions. These materials are suitable to meet design and structural requirements of steel buildings. All these coils are procured from well reputed mills, confirming to IS and other international standards.
Metallic coatings on CR Steel shall be either zinc coating (galvanizing) or Al-zinc coating (Galvalume coating) through continuous hot dip process which gives GALVANIC and BARRIER protection against corrosion.

Material – Coating System

Colour Selection Guide

Paint on the top coat gives colour and attractive look to roof/wall cladding panels and accessories.
Wash/ backer coat on the back side always comes on the inner side of the building and its colour is light grey shade according the Mill Standard.
Organic coatings – chromate, primer, top coat paint and wash coat at back side improves aesthetics and importantly gives an additional barrier protection against corrosion and extremities of weather condition.
It is an international practice to specify colour shades using RAL code.
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