SRPL Roll-formed Downpipe and Elbow

SRPL Downpipes and Elbows are cold roll formed typically like Profile sheets and interlocked the hemmed edges automatically to form a seam joint which is mechanically strong and hydraulically leak proof. We shall make Elbows by crimping the Pipe to required radius. Elbows shall be in the shapes of “L” and “S” as per the requirements. Edges of the Pipe section shall be wedged to shrink its cross-section for effortless lapping of Pipe to Elbow.
The cross-sectional dimension Downpipe is 144x108 mm and it shall be roll-formed to any customized length to the extent of maximum of 12 meters length. This pipe section has got more bends and secondary ribs to induce good stiffness to the pipe and withstand the rain water turbulent forces.
Responsive image
Responsive image


  • Aesthetically Attractive
  • More Stiffness / strength
  • Leak Proof
  • Easy & Perfect Lapping
  • Length 12m Maximum
  • Matching Elbows or Shoes
  • Wider Selection of 144X108 mm
  • Suitable for PEB & Conventional Buildings
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